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Bija Mantra Shanti Mix  

This release comes at a time when reconnecting with the power of our words and intention, cultivating compassion, and recognizing the interconnectedness of all things is critical.  “There is nothing we can do to ourselves that we do not also do to others, and there is nothing we can do to others that we do not also do to ourselves.”

Think of mantra as transcendental technology tapping into the energetic matrix underlying reality as we know it and awakening the practitioner to higher levels of consciousness. Repetition of specific Sanskrit mantras holds special significance as they are believed to have sacred origins.  The word mantra may literally be translated as a mind instrument*.  In modern culture, we understand the therapeutic value of affirmations and positive self-talk.  Mantras are the most ancient form of this practice emphasizing our connection to the Divine.  Whether classical or imbued with our own personal intention, chanting mantras has been found to positively impact mental and physical health.     

This composition includes Bija Mantras of the Chakras, Shanti Mantra, Gayatri Mantra, Maha Ganapati Mool Mantra, and the Pavamana Mantras (Om Asatoma). Mantras may be repeated silently (manasa japa), whispered (upamsu japa), or spoken aloud (vachika japa) tapping into different qualities and levels of speech (Vaikari vak, Madhyama vak, Pasyanti vak, and Para Vak).** 

*Mantra from -man, -men,- manas related to the mind or mental processes;  and -tra, or -tram a tool or instrument by some accounts and alternately -to go across, -to protect, -to free by other accounts. Many interpretations exist.

**See The Yoga of Sound by Russill Paul for an introduction to various streams of mantra and Nada Yoga. 

Bija Mantras of the Chakras 

These simple powerful mantras are said to activate and purify energy centers (chakras) in the physical body.  They belong to the class of mantra referred to by Russill Paul in the Yoga of Sound as Tantric or Shakti mantras which are “…rooted in the body as opposed to Vedic mantras, which are rooted in the cosmos.”  

Like tuning an instrument, bija mantras help to recalibrate the mind/body complex addressing physical and subtle imbalances that impact our health.  When the system of Nadis is restored to optimal balance the shakti energy is able to travel safely and effectively from the lower energy centers toward the higher centers, heightening awareness and reconnecting us to Divine Consciousness. 

Bija Mantras are equally effective chanted silently. When recited aloud they are typically spoken rather than sung. 

LAM                      1st          Root                     (I am) Earth                                                     Grounding, Stability

VAM                     2nd         Sacral                   (I am) Water                                       Sexuality, Identity, Creative Energy  

RAM                     3rd         Abdomen            (I am) Fire                                        Will Power, Confidence, Personal Power 

YAM                      4th         Heart                    (I am) Air                                               Love, Compassion, Forgiveness 

HAM                     5th         Throat                  (I am) Space                                                    Communication

OM                       6th          Third Eye             (I am) All that is                                              Intuition, Command 

Silence                 7th         Crown                  (I am) All that is and all that is not             Divinity, Connection 

Aum is the sound which emanated from the movement of Pure Consciousness.  It is said that in the beginning there was only Pure Consciousness (God).  At some point, this Pure Consciousness moved, creating friction that produced vibration which expanded out into the vacuum of empty space.  This ripple underlies the duality that we experience in the material world.  This vibration reverberates throughout the cosmos and everything in it.  Aum is the sound expressive of the Divine and it is this source energy that animates all things. 

Aum Shanti, Shanti, Shanti 

“Aum Shanti, Shanti, Shanti” recited independently constitutes a powerful prayer for peace.

Repetition of the word Shanti here addresses the three realms adhi-bhautika (physical/external), adhi-daivika (divine/spiritual), and adhyaatmika (internal, arising from one’s own body and mind). It invokes peace by encouraging the dissolution of obstacles arising from these realms (tapa-traya). 

Shanti Mantras are a class of mantras found in the Vedas and in the Upanisads, which are always followed by this phrase.  

Gayatri Mantra, Savitri Mantra, Ved-Mata

The most ancient of Vedic Mantras (Rigveda, Mandala 3.62.10), The Gayatri is often called the mother of the Vedas (Ved-Mata).  It belongs to a class of mantras that emphasize the power of the word, Shabda Brahman. This class of mantras draw power from adherence to pronunciation and meter during recitation of verses first intuited by rishi’s during periods of deep meditation.  They are said to be “Shruti”, born of deep listening…that which is heard. 

Many translations exist, but in essence, The Gayatri is an expression of gratitude, a celebration of Divine Light, and a prayer for spiritual awakening.  

Om bhur buvah suvah           To the earth, the above (sky,space), and the heavenly realms

Tat savitur varenyam             That (Divine) Light (Savitur, sun) worthy of veneration 

Bhargo devasya dimahi          We meditate on that Light as remover of sin (ignorance), embodiment of truth (glorious)

Diyo yo nah pracodayaat      That it may illuminate (enlighten, inspire, awaken) our minds (intellect, buddhi) 

It is recommended to recite The Gayatri at dawn or dusk three times in succession, or 108 times as is traditional. 

Maha Ganapati Mool Mantra, Shree Ganesh Mool Mantra, Ganesh Beej Mantra

This mantra is often chanted at the beginning of a project, as recitation is believed to bring success, good fortune, and aid in spiritual enlightenment.  It invokes the energy of Lord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles, to clear the path for harmonious and prosperous outcomes.  

“Om Shreem Hreem Kleem Glaum Gam Ganapataye Vara Vara da Sarva Janam Mey Vashamanaya Swaaha” 

These classic Sanskrit words address fundamental “positive energy” concepts that make life and creation possible. Repetition should induce a trance-like state of heighted awarenes. 

Om                        The sound expressive of the Divine, AUM.

Shreem                Bija mantra of Lakshmi.  Invokes the energy of health and prosperity.  (Shri, splendor) 

Hreem                  Bija mantra of Bhuvaneshwari or Adi Shakti.  Creative energy, healing, compassion, purity. 

Kleem                   Bija mantra of Kamadeva, God of love and attraction. 

Glaum                  Earth element, Stabilizing force

Gam                                    Seed sound of Ganesha

Ganapataye                       Formal Sanskrit name of Ganesha

Vara Vara da                      Requesting a blessing or boon with emphasis (repetition)

Sarva Janam                       All external and internal associations / influences (people, places, thoughts, senses) 

Vasamaanaya                    Let it be under my control.  First focusing on control self and senses, the rest follows. 

Swaaha                               Offering prayers to the heavenly realms, divine surrender

See this link for more detail:

Pavamana Mantra, Pavamana Abhyaaroha 

A prayer for purification that was originally recited prior to soma ritual for cleansing past sins, attaining clarity, liberation, and peace. The mantra appears in the Brhadaaranyaka Upanisad (1.3.28).  Soma may refer to the moon or “moon drops” also known as amrita, or immortal ambrosia…nectar of the Gods said to render one immortal.     

Asato ma Sad Gamaya                                  From the untruth (unreal, evil) into truth (real, good)

Tamaso ma Jyotir Gamaya                          From the darkness into light 

Mrtyormamamratam Gamaya                   From death into immortality 

These three statements are referred to as the Pavamana Mantras, while modern recitations often add “Aum Shanti Shanti Shanti” to close the prayer. 

Om shanti, shanti, shanti-I                           Peace, peace, peace

Letting the Cables Sleep  

As a solo self-produced artist and writer, streamlining the creative process is my first priority.  It's a non-stop evolution and each song is like a snap shot in time. This song is the first of it's kind for me. It's an ambient, downtempo, EDM remake of Letting the Cables Sleep by Bush. If you like it, share it.  If you love it, let me know.  If you hate it, try another...I have plenty to choose from and, like my moods, my sonic brushes come in many colors.  Thanks for listening.         

Click here to check out the rest of my music.

Photo by Hector Pulido
Design by Glen "Foo" Brown

By Request...  

The song is called Jamie, but her real name was Jennifer. She reminded me that things aren't always as perfect on the inside as they appear on the outside.  I thought she was beautiful.  She didn't think so.  Before she died she told me to write love songs because everyone wants to hear love songs. 


Down in Miami (Winter Blues Mix)  

You can vibe, pop, rocklock, hip-hop, cha-cha, or zumba, but you better dance!!!

Old man winter is hanging on with all he's got so I'm kicking him to the curb and releasing new music inspired by my own dreams of Miami heat.  I call it Spicy Electro Fusion, but you can call it whatever you want.  Down In Miami (Winter Blues Mix) is now available through  Zero Burn Records for your listening pleasure.  Download here at no charge for the next month, or visit My Store at any time for downloadable singles.  Most importantly, be sure to spread the word far and wide!  

This song has been three months in the making at Studio 406 DC where I live and breathe when I'm not dancing at Joy of Motion, crunching numbers at GVI, or running around the halls of Brookland Artspace Lofts stirring up mischief with the neighbors. :)  

Singing, songwriting, and producing music as a solo artist means it takes a little longer to arrive at the final destination and what a crazy trip it's been...navigating the highs and lows through the long cold winter, using each snow storm as inspiration, and trying to streamline the creative process just a little more with every recording session...always a challenge and always worth every minute! 

Many thanks to fans, friends, and fellow creatives for inspiration and encouragement along the way.  Derek Brown, Jay Ezzell, Maynol Moreno, Clo Raborn, Kendall Little, Tony Timpano, Glen Brown, George Belton, Quest Skinner, Freddie Dunn...special thanks to Mike Caplan at Lion and Fox for the mastering job and Craig O'Neal for the Ocean Drive photograph.  Appreciate you all very much!   

Happy Spring and may you always be warm!
xoxo's ~b.