Down in Miami (Winter Blues Mix) 

You can vibe, pop, rocklock, hip-hop, cha-cha, or zumba, but you better dance!!!

Old man winter is hanging on with all he's got so I'm kicking him to the curb and releasing new music inspired by my own dreams of Miami heat.  I call it Spicy Electro Fusion, but you can call it whatever you want.  Down In Miami (Winter Blues Mix) is now available through  Zero Burn Records for your listening pleasure.  Download here at no charge for the next month, or visit My Store at any time for downloadable singles.  Most importantly, be sure to spread the word far and wide!  

This song has been three months in the making at Studio 406 DC where I live and breathe when I'm not dancing at Joy of Motion, crunching numbers at GVI, or running around the halls of Brookland Artspace Lofts stirring up mischief with the neighbors. :)  

Singing, songwriting, and producing music as a solo artist means it takes a little longer to arrive at the final destination and what a crazy trip it's been...navigating the highs and lows through the long cold winter, using each snow storm as inspiration, and trying to streamline the creative process just a little more with every recording session...always a challenge and always worth every minute! 

Many thanks to fans, friends, and fellow creatives for inspiration and encouragement along the way.  Derek Brown, Jay Ezzell, Maynol Moreno, Clo Raborn, Kendall Little, Tony Timpano, Glen Brown, George Belton, Quest Skinner, Freddie Dunn...special thanks to Mike Caplan at Lion and Fox for the mastering job and Craig O'Neal for the Ocean Drive photograph.  Appreciate you all very much!   

Happy Spring and may you always be warm!
xoxo's ~b.