Binary Archives

The archives of our lives
Will be found on our machines
Saved in bits and bytes
Love letters and broken dreams
Discovery sites
For scholars of tomorrow
Digging in metal with mice… 

Recalling You

Daylight breaks
Wide awake
Rain drops falling on my face
Meditate for an hour or two
Breathe in life
Recalling you

From the deepest blues
Into the voilet hues
Down to the red zone
Into the yellow sun 
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Life opens doors.  We walk through, or we let them close.  The choice is neither wrong nor right.  Consciously, or unconsciously, we always choose the path that best serves everyone involved at a given moment in time.  The outcome always…Read more

Reflection and Transformation's hard to believe that its been over a month since turning a few long-standing habits upside down. I've been bad...I've been good...mostly doin' what I should...staying true to intention at the very least..

I'm sleepy, but grateful.…Read more

Die Happy

 Die Happy

In a place
I can’t explain
Flooded with love
Still drowning in pain
It doesn’t make sense
But it makes me believe
There’s so much more
Than we can taste, touch, and see

           It fills me…

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White Roses

Lovely! I literally dumped a 20oz bottle of water into the console of my car to keep these beauties alive on the drive home from the Valentine 9 show at Harrington Casino last weekend.  We were on the beach…Read more

Back in Writing Mode! YESSSS

Human Nature

The gig is over
It is through
But you've come too far
To let it get to you

     Not goin' down
     Not goin' under over you
     Not givin' in to
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Reflecting on the events of last night, I'm asking myself why I opted for karaoke and cocktails at a local bar rather than making my way home to the comfy creative haven I adore...disappointment?  

Not that I didn't enjoy… Read more

I wrote a new song last night.

Spent from the days events and the month leading up to it, a song poured out of my head onto a page last night.  I tracked it quickly and decided to start sharing clips of these early-stage recordings with people…Read more


It takes so little to crack the the glass that surrounds our fragile ego's...i crack...i reassemble...i guess we all do.  I just wish we would all realize the power of our words...our actions...with one kind extension of ourselves we can…Read more