The Professional

Buffy received her BA from UTA while working in accounting and teaching dance in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. She subsequently migrated into the media industry accepting an opportunity to execute and oversee radio market research campaigns for a company commissioned by Critical Mass Media (Clear Channel) and gaining insight into the world of radio promotion and programming.

After a year with the company, Buffy was hired as talent buyer and office manager for national, local, and regional live music venue, Galaxy Club, whose stage hosted acts including the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Maroon 5, The Donna's, Marvelous 3, Stanley Jordan, Sum 41, Ben Kweller, Blue October, and Bowling For Soup. Buffy spent four years booking live events and managing the business office at the venue before finding a new home in the Sales and Marketing Office with Hard Rock Cafe in Dallas.

Within two years, Buffy was promoted to Sales and Marketing Manager and relocated to Washington, DC where she spent another four years with the company planning events, creating and managing budgets, executing ad campaigns and coordinating media buys, implementing corporate marketing initiatives, writing the sales and marketing plan for the cafe, and handling group-sales-related accounting.

Buffy expanded her marketing experience working for an independent firm overseeing the administration of a product launch for Hansens, and developing GLBT campaigns and initiatives for Beam Brands. She founded Zero Burn Entertainment in 2006, and currently works with the financial offices of Girard Video, Inc (GVI) and Joy of Motion Dance Centers in the DC area.