The Artist

Buffy launched her creative career in Dallas, TX with original AltRock band Lisa’s Falling, whose accomplishments include international radio and television coverage, an independently released ep, live performances at most major Dallas & Fort Worth area venues, and plenty of local media attention. After four years with LF, she founded original electro/altrock band, Melt, with former Channel 69 guitarist, Steve Paul (Dub 1 Sound). The band recorded a ten-song CD, of which three tracks received airplay on major Dallas radio stations (KEGL, Clear Channel). Two years later, Buffy was hired to work as an entertainer at a variety entertainment venue owned by Graham Brothers Entertainment (Trick Pony). After a year, she left the venue to spend the next four years singing professionally with Dallas area cover bands, Champagne Blonde and Hearsay, whose repertoires ranged from Top 40 Pop, Rock, and Dance hits to Disco, Funk, and R&B standards.

After relocating to DC, Buffy spent several years writing, recording, and producing original material for ElectroPop-Rock / Dance act, DC Valentine. Appearing in various configurations with live players and dancers, DC Valentine has played in and around the DC area at venues including Adams Morgan Day Festival, Chief Ikes Mambo Room, Sushi Rock, and Rock-n-Roll Hotel among others. Most recently, Buffy co-founded Dollhouse Entertainment with choreographer/creative director, Derek Brown. Working with a network of established singers, dancers, dj’s, and live players, the entertainment group delivers full service entertainment programming and creative direction for special events, festivals, and selected nightclubs.

As a dancer, Buffy has studied jazz, ballet, and modern for over ten years and has had the pleasure of working with world renowned dancer/choreographers from Paris, LA, New York, Dallas and DC. While working as a dance teacher, Buffy’s choreography was featured at live music venues and received top awards at national competitions and conventions including Tremaine, Dupree, and Showstoppers. Prior to relocating to DC in 2005, Buffy appeared as a dancer at Hard Rocks Ambassador Showcase and KPS Singers Choice Awards with Rock You Dance Crew, a dance company specializing in thrash choreography set to rock bands like Marilyn Manson and White Zombie. Buffy continues to perform as a dancer in the DC area at various clubs, festivals, showcases, and special events.

Artist Statement

Dance is my first and forever love, my release, and my religion. Without it, I wouldn’t have the clarity to write. But when I auditioned for my first band, there was no question that this was home for me as a performing artist. It was comfortable and natural. I could lose myself in the performance of a song without inhibition. If the performance was imperfect, the audience was forgiving. If I was genuine, they were moved. I could connect with the audience by just letting go. I could listen to what was being played in a rehearsal, and pull words and melodies out of the air.

I remember as a kid walking along the sidewalk and singing a song that was stuck in my head. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out what it was, and I wasn’t clear on all of the lyrics - just a few phrases. I realized that it wasn’t a song I had heard before. It was my own. Many of my songs still come to me that way, out of silence. As if they are already there. I just have to hear them clearly enough to get them out. Other songs are inspired by listening to an instrumental track, closing my eyes, and listening for the words and melodies that are there somewhere in the spaces between the notes waiting to be heard.

Electronic composition, recording, and production came as a logical extension of writing and a growing need to capture ideas and develop them independently. Digital audio production has become a large part of my creative life allowing me to flesh out my own ideas, work with other artists and organizations, create remixes, dabble in sound design, narration, and ad spot creation, and build a catalogue of original music.