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I Alone  

Just felt like sharing this tonight....

Guest appearances and co-hosts
Love and loss and letting go
Casting shadows and becoming ghosts
I alone remain, forever changed

Touched by the pale lights
Even as they fade
Eternally grateful through the tears and the pain
I alone remain, forever changed

The prophets stage calls the strong willed
Silent applause echoes through the hall of souls
Mystics make their way
Angels praise ignites the flame
Divine inspiration follows....

We are greater together than we are apart
I alone remain, here on the stage
Forever changed...


It takes so little to crack the the glass that surrounds our fragile ego's...i crack...i reassemble...i guess we all do.  I just wish we would all realize the power of our words...our actions...with one kind extension of ourselves we can change the course of a life...with one unkind action we can inflict a lifetime of damage...and most of the time we never realize what we've done...