Down In Miami (Rough Mix) Sneak Preview!!!! 

Well, you just never know how and when inspiration will strike and this one has a great story.  From the relentless winter that set the stage providing blizzard after blizzard of inspiration, to the New Years Day conversation that kicked off the process and challenged me to set a specific lyric in a genre outside of my comfort zone (thank you!), to the self imposed deadline that forced me to push the multiple personality disorder I had to invoke in order to sing the vocal parts of what should be least 3 different artists LOL  Good times! 

It's still so early on in the game with this one,  I can't wait to see where it goes from here and couldn't resist sharing it in it's infancy.   

Next Steps:
1.  Dedicated vocal session to replace scratch tracks
2.  Drop in live percussion straight from Alejo Calderon at Chango Records in Bogota, Columbia!
3.  Revisit instrumental for final tweaks
4.  Export and send for pro mix and master 

Deadline:  3/23/14
Enjoy the preview!