Life is a Mix

One day all of the pieces will come together and the big picture will not be in front of me, but all around me.

Life is a song, and I am the engineer charged with mixing every component perfectly so that all of the emotions shine through - not just the pretty ones, but the dark ones too - because they're all part of the journey, and part of the song.  

This is a song -- a mix -- with more tracks than any mix I have ever known, and each one needs attention. If I look too long from a distance, I can easily become overwhelmed and discouraged, but if I focus on one track at a time I can make each one shine and the mix gets a little better each time.

The hardest part is deleting those sweet hooks that just can't seem to find a place in the sonic landscape. Sometimes that one decision is the difference between sonic confusion and beautiful clarity.  Sometimes one track in a million accidentally gets muted and I notice that it's gone.  I miss that one track...that one harmony...that one hook...that's when I know it's a keeper.  

One day it will all come together and the mix will not be in front of will be all around me.